Yinyang and Eight Trigrams


Yin and Yang is the universal view of ancient Chinese and it was based on the principle of dualism. Ancient Chinese believed that everything existed because of the interaction of Yin and Yang (the negative part and positive part). When the yang moved to its utmost it rested and the Yin produced. Yin and Yang are opposite and interacted. Yin and Yang have always been in a state of incessant changes. They are waning and waxing. Taiji Symbol is the best presentation of the movements of Yin and Yang. The black part is for Yin and the white part for Yang. The two dots symbolize the idea that when one of the two forces reaches its extreme the seed of its opposite has already been born. Yang signifies heaven, sun, light, vigor, penetration and male... It is symbolized by dragon and associated with azure color and odd numbers. Yin signifies earth, moon, darkness, quiescence, absorption and female…. It is symbolized by the tiger and is associated with orange color and even numbers.

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