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Shang Dynasty (17th Century BC-11th Century BC)
Shang Kingdom was run by aristocrats. Shang was a name of a tribe who lived at the lower reach of Yellow River in ancient time. According to its oracle bone divination records its rulers inhabited palaces with walls. The Shang cities were walled with rammed earth.
The rulers of Shang worshiped ancestor and always offered sacrifices. They used oxen scapulas and shells of turtles in their divination on the outcomes of military campaigns, hunts, illnesses, and other natural events.
Shang Dynasty also invented the first written language that is characters on oracle bone. The Shang People also invented bronze wares, which were mainly cooking vessels.
Zhou continued many of the Shang's practices. Most Zhou texts were inscribed on bronzes, later on silk and trips of bamboo and wood.

The biggest bronze ware simuwu dafangding The oracle bone inscriptions
The biggest bronze ware simuwu dafangding
The oracle bone inscriptions

The prehistory of China
The Xia Dynastry(21st-17th centuryBC)
The Shang Dynasty(17th-11th century BC)
The Zhou Dynasty(11th century BC-256BC)
The Spring Autumn(770-476BC) and Warring States Period(475- 221BC)
The Qin Dynasty(221-206BC)
The Western Han Dynasty(206BC-25AD)
The Eastern Han Dynasty(25AD-220AD)
The Sui Dynasty(589-618)
The Tang Dynasty(618-907)
The Five Dynasties(907-960)
The Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127)
The Liao Dynasty(907-1125), Western Xia Dynasty(1038-1227) and Jin Dynasty(1115-1234)
The Southern Dynasty(1127-1279)
The Yuan Dynasty(1206-1368)
The Ming Dynasty(1368-1644)
The Qing Dynasty(1616-1911)
Republic of China(1912-1949)
The People's Republic of China(1949-)

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