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The prehistory of China
There are a lot of mythical stories about China’s prehistory. According to the archeological findings, one millions ago Lan Tiam Man appeared in, some half a million years ago Peking Man lived in Beijing area. Those Homo Erectus were in the Paleolithic Age. A lot of Neolithic Cultures relics were also found in different parts of ina such as the Yangsao Culture (5000-3000BC), Dawenkou Culture (5000-3000BC) were in Yellow River valley, Hemudu Culture (5000-3500BC) was in the Yangtze River valley. A lot of potteries were unearthed to indicate the life in that time.
Chinese people also believe we are the descendents of the Yellow Emperor who was the chief of his tribe several thousand years ago.

The prehistory of China
The Xia Dynastry(21st-17th centuryBC)
The Shang Dynasty(17th-11th century BC)
The Zhou Dynasty(11th century BC-256BC)
The Spring Autumn(770-476BC) and Warring States Period(475- 221BC)
The Qin Dynasty(221-206BC)
The Western Han Dynasty(206BC-25AD)
The Eastern Han Dynasty(25AD-220AD)
The Sui Dynasty(589-618)
The Tang Dynasty(618-907)
The Five Dynasties(907-960)
The Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127)
The Liao Dynasty(907-1125), Western Xia Dynasty(1038-1227) and Jin Dynasty(1115-1234)
The Southern Dynasty(1127-1279)
The Yuan Dynasty(1206-1368)
The Ming Dynasty(1368-1644)
The Qing Dynasty(1616-1911)
Republic of China(1912-1949)
The People's Republic of China(1949-)

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