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Subject: thank you
Dear, Richard.Thank you for a very pleasant trip. Bob & Pat Courtney

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Subject: Visiting Beijing

Hello my old friend Richard, this is Gabriel Larios a couple of years ago
you took me and my wife to the great wall! And your wife helped us as
interpreter! I hope that you both are well and that your new baby is doing
great! My wife and one of her sons will be in Beijing next week and I would
like to know if your still doing the tours? If so it would be great to take
the son on one! Thanks Gabriel

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Subject: Thanks for trip

Thx again for the the tour you gave us last week. It was very enjoyable and your knowledge was fantastic.

Thank You

Peter Davies

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Subject: RE: Hello from Richard in Beijing
Thank you for the note. My trip home was long but being able to see your
lovely country made it worthwhile. I have not yet developed my pictures
since I have been sick with a cold. I am hoping to put things on my
computer soon and relive my wonderful time in China. Thank you so much for
the kindness you showed me and my friends, it helped make our trip very
enjoyable. I hope all is going well for you.
Jill Johnson
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Subject: Belated Hello
Hi Richard, I am safe and fully locked behind university gates in Hangzhou. Thank you for your expert services as my guide.

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Thanks again. We had a great time.


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