Beijing Shopping Guide


Beijing is the paradise for shoppers. Many beautiful handicrafts are the best souvenirs for you. Shopping in China you can enjoy great fun. In every city there are markets as well as department stores. You can negotiate the price in the market but usually the price in the departtment stores is fixed.
Please open the different links to learn more detailed information about the famous arts and handicrafts of China.

Chinese Jade Article and Jade Jewelry Pearl
Cloisonne(Enamel) Silk, Silk Embroidery, Brocade, Silk Rug and Tapestry
Chinese Inner Painting Snuff Bottles Chinese Lacquer Ware
Chinese Herbal Medicine Chinese Tea and the Tea Set
Chinese Calligraphy work Chinese Painting
Chinese Seal Chinese Porcelain
Chinese Paper-cut Chinese Kite
Classical Chinese Furniture Chinese Antique

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