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The Banpo Museum is located in the eastern suburb of Xi’an City. It was built at the base of the excavations of the Banpo Site in 1958. The Banpo Site is a typical Neolithic matriarchal community of the Yangshao Culture dating back about 6,000 years ago. At that time, the Banpo people used tools made primarily of wood and stone. Women, the crucial labor force, were responsible for making pottery, spinning, and raising the family, while men fished.
The exhibition hall exhibits the unearthed relic exhibitions such as production tools used by the primitive Banpo People, including axes, chisels, sickles, and stone and pottery knives. Some potteries and adornments are also on display.
The Site Hall is about 3,000 square meters and contains residential, pottery making and burial section. Visitors today can see the remains of 45 houses, 2 stables, more than 200 cellars, 6 kilns, and about 250 tombs and 73 burial jars for Children. It was a matriarchal society based on farming. The houses were constructed of thatch over wood beams while the floors were sunk two to three feet into the ground. Heating was provided by a central fire. Food was stored in underground caves.
The Banpo People worked together. They dug a trench around the entire complex both for protection and for drainage. There was a large meeting hall in the center of the village and a place for central storage. Most of the tools such as axes, hoes, and knives, were made of stone, but some implements were made of bone such needles for sewing. The stone tools look remarkably sharp. Art, in the form of geometric designs and human and animal figures, is found on many of the pots. Some of the pottery items have marks scratched on them that may be a form of ancient writing. The potteries produced for drinking, storage, cooking, and burial. The Banpo Adults were buried in the cemetery outside the village; children and infants were buried alongside the huts in special clay urns. The reason for this is still unknown till today.
Banpo Museum offers the visitors a unique view on the Prehistoric Chinese civilization.

Banpo Museum
Banpo Pottry

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