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The Tang Dynasty music and dance Show ticks booking is the best choice of your night entertainments in Xi’an. It can give you unforgettable impression.
Dance and music appeared and developed with the people’s life. It originated from the ancient sacrificial ceremonies to pray for bumper harvest and better life. With the time passing by music and dance became a delicate performing art. During the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) china experienced the most prosperous and glorious time in the feudal history. The economy and art reached its peak. In the Tang Dynasty the capital was in Chang’an (toady’s Xi’an), which was the biggest metropolis and the exchanging center in the world. Tang culture was much influenced by exotic culture. A wide range of musical instruments, singing, dancing and costume design from the minority ethnic groups and Persian countries were absorbed by the Tang Dynasty.
The Tang Dynasty music and dance show performed today is the reappearance of the ancient Tang performing art. It is performed according to its original features. The custom, the music and even the background of the stage are very true to life.
Content of the performance
Music performance such as the Melody of Longevity of the Emperor, which depicts the magnificent scene of the emperor’s holding court. The various traditional Chinese instruments, such as the drums and the serial bells are played to represent the court ceremony which the Tang Emperors received their officials.
Dance is the most important part of the show. White Ramie Cloth Costume Dance originated in the Western Jin Dynasty (265 – 316AD). It became popular during the Tang Dynasty in which the dancers wore costumes made from white ramie cloth. Each costume has very long sleeves that were waved by the dancers as they made their graceful movements. Rainbow Skirt and the Feathered Coat Dance is known as the most brilliant representative of the dance of the Tang Dynasty. It is said to be choreographed by Yang Yuhuan, one of the four most beautiful women in ancient China and the favorite concubine of Emperor Xuanzong (his reign from712-756AD). Emperor Xuanzong was inspired by a dream about a dancing fairy that was wearing a rainbow skirt and a feathered coat, and he composed the melody and his concubine Yang Yuhuan then created a dance according to the Emperor's dream and the melody. Battling Dance of the King of Qin was usually performed by the soldiers to celebrate their triumph upon their return from the battlefield. It is said to be created by Emperor Taizong, who was the second emperor of the Tang Dynasty and titled the 'King of Qin' before his enthronement. Taizong used this dance to show off the powerful military strength of his empire.
Popular theatres to enjoy the show in Xi’an:Nowadays, there are many places performing the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show. Tang Dynasty Palace boasts that it is China's premier cultural entertainment theatre restaurant. Established in 1988, the theatre staged the Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show, which has proved to be a great success and is welcomed by numerous audiences, especially foreign visitors.
In addition to appreciating the wonderful performance, you can also enjoy the delicious meals provided at the Tang Dynasty Palace. With its large auditorium of over 2,000 square meters, it can comfortably hold about 600 audiences at a time. Shanxi Song & Dance Theatre, established in 1998, which is a comprehensive theatre restaurant. It can accommodate 700 audiences at one time.
People can taste different delicious food when they enjoy the exciting Tang Music and Dance Show. That is really a great night entertainment in Xi’an.

Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Nishang Dance
Tang Dynasty Music and Dance Show
Nishang Dance

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