Chinese Symbolic Designs


There are a lot of symbolic designs with lucky meanings in China due to the special Chinese culture and Chinese language.
There are a lot of homophonic characters in Chinese due to most Chinese characters are phonogram. For instance, “bat”(蝠) in Chinese has the same pronunciation with “ happiness”(福) in Chinese. So the image of bat in Chinese culture represents happiness and blessing. It is also hard for foreigners to imagine the coffin’s design in Chinese culture represents winning promotion and getting rich. Coffin (棺材) pronounces “guan cai”. Officer (官) also pronounces “Guan” and wealth (财) pronounces “Cai”.
Chinese attribute auspicious meanings to some animals and flowers. For example, dragon represents good luck and power, turtle and crane birds represent long life, deer represents good salary, fish represents surplus, chicken means auspicious, elephant stands for peace and steady. Lotus flower, chrysanthemum, plum flower stand for purified traits of a person and they also represent friendship. Peony stands for prosperity and richness. Peach means longevity. Pomegranate stands for prosperous offspring. Vase means peace.
The Yin-yang symbol design stands for harmony.
Tai Ping You Xiang(D1)
Long Feng Cheng Xiang(D2)
Son He Yan Nian(D3)
Wu Fu Peng Shou(D4)
Nian Nian You Yu(D5)
San Yang Kai Tai(D6)

Colors also have meanings in Chinese culture. Red means happiness, yellow means noble.
Numbers also have meanings. Number eight means getting rich. Number six means smooth going. Number Nine means perpetuity. So in china you can always to see good car plate numbers with a lot of 8, 6 or 9. Even the phone numbers people like to choose 6, 8 or9.
Buddhism and Daoism have great influence on Chinese culture. So the designs attached tothese two religions also have auspicious meanings.
So the designs with the things mentioned above are always symbolic designs with good meanings in China. These symbolic designs are widely used in people’s daily life such as house decorating, furniture carving and painting, handicrafts making and so on.

Tai Ping You Xiang D1 Long Feng Cheng Xiang D2 Son He Yan Nian D3 Wu Fu Peng Shou D4 Nian Nian You Yu D5 San Yang Kai Tai D6
D1 This design means harmonious and peaceful world. The elephant is believed to be an animal which can bring good luck. The magic vase is the pure water vase of Goddess of Mercy whose water can cure disease and bring good luck. Vase in Chinese sounds like piece in pronunciation.
D2 This design means dragon and phoenix present auspicious.
D3 This design means pine and crane prolong the life.
D4 This design means five bats bring happiness and longevity.
D5 The fish in this design means rich. The fire crackers mean the New Year. Altogether this design means every year the life is rich.
D6 Goat in Chinese pronounces Yang which has the same pronunciation with Yang of Yin-yang. Three goats mean Yang goes to its extreme. This design stands for that bad luck disappears and good fortune comes.

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