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To enjoy whole body massage or foot massage is most useful method to eliminate your tiredness after one day’s sightseeing or business in China. Chinese massage is very popular in every city. Compared to that in Europe and North America it is quite cheaper here.
Actually massage was applied in Traditional Chinese Medicine therapy 3,000 years ago. In China it was called Tui Na (“Tui” means push and “Na” means grasp.). It was also called An Mo(“An” means press and “Mo” means rub.). Massage was also used for pleasurable purposes. Chinese believe that humans were one integral part of nature. Yin-yang balance and harmony are very important for health. Blood vessels and blood are like the river and water in the nature. If the river is blocked it will result in flooding. The same thing happens in our body: as long as there is blockage caused by whatever reason, we feel uncomfortable, with neck pain, stiff back, foot pain and other uncomfortable symptoms. Chinese massage, using the arms, hands, fingers, elbows and knees as tools, is applied to part of the body or the entire body thus it can treat certain diseases. Massage can protect health and build up body immune system as a preventive medical measure.
Benefits of massage
1. Relaxation of muscles.
2. Improving bones and joints system.
3. Improving blood circulation system and lymphatic system.
4. Promoting metabolism of skin and toning skin appearance.
5. Relaxation of nerve system and eliminating fatigue.
Foot Massage
Foot massage gained its popularity during last few years. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, the feet of the human body contain nerve endings that are connected to every other part of the body. With that in mind, they believe that a specialized foot massage, which centers on specific points of the foot, can help alleviate any ailment anywhere in the body. The Chinese believe that if there is a painful area on the foot, it is an indication of something being unwell somewhere else in the body. Based on those beliefs, the Chinese have used foot massage as a means of health care. Actually reflexology is the base of theory of foot massage. There are over 7500 nerve-endings in the foot that connect to all other parts of our body. A trained reflexologist applies targeted pressure at various points on the foot, to stimulate those nerves to treat the diseases and strengthen the body.
The benefits of foot massage
1. Relief stress, tension, fatigue, nervousness, insomnia and depression
2. Improving blood circulation and concentration
3. Promoting unblocking of nerve impulses (stimulating nerve endings)
4. Aiding digestion
5. Alleviating constipation
6. Building stronger body resistance
7. Promoting general sense of well being and good health
How do foot massage
The masseuse will soak your feet in the herbal liquid water for 10 minutes. Then they will clean your feet and coat massage oil on your feet. The masseuse then strikes the foot evenly with gentle motion. Later on, she starts to rub from the toes to the ankle and then back again to the toes. After that she will press the points on sole of foot to stimulate the nerves. Experience foot masseuses can tell you what is wrong with your body by pressing your sole. After finish one foot she will start the next. Generally speaking, the masseuse will massage your leg and back a little bit after the foot massage. So you will feel very comfortable. When enjoying the foot massage soft relaxing music is always played to relax the mood. Drinking some tea or water will be better for the foot massage.
Now the masseuses can go to your hotel to give you massage, which is very convenient and easy. When you are in Beijing and if you want to enjoy Chinese whole body massage or foot massage you can contact me. Definitely I can give you some suggestions and help.

Foot Massage Foot Reflection Zone
Foot Massage
Foot Reflection Zone
We can help you to look for the pfofessional massgists to give you body massage or foot massage.
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