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China has over 5,000 years’ history that is why it has so many antiques. Every big city in China has antique market. In China anything made prior to 1949 is considered an antique. Antiques that date prior to 1795 are forbidden for sale or export. Those dated between 1796 and 1949 should bear a small red wax seal and a Certificate for Relics Export from the Beijing Cultural Relics Bureau (BCRB) to allow them to be taken out of China, and also proves the genuineness of the item. Beijing liulichang Cultural Street has several big Antique shops to sell antique including antique jade, porcelain, paintings, snuff bottles, wooding carving, ceramics and so on. It is a good place for antique seekers and connoisseur.
I can bring you to visit the most famous antique street in Beijing where you can buy real antiques from government stores.

Beijing Liulichang Cultural Street
Beijing Panjiayuan Antique Market
Chinese Jade Article and Jade Jewelry
Silk, Silk Embroidery, Brocade, Silk Rug and Tapestry
Chinese Inner Painting Snuff Bottles
Chinese Lacquer Ware
Chinese Herbal Medicine
Chinese Tea and the Tea Set
Chinese Calligraphy work
Chinese Painting
Chinese Seal
Chinese Porcelain
Chinese Paper-cut
Chinese Kite
Classical Chinese Furniture
Chinese Antique









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