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Nanjing Road is a famous walking commercial street, which is always busy, crowded with people. The 5.5-km long Nanjing Road extends from the bund to the Jingan Temple. Nanjing Road was built after the Opium War (1839-1842). It was opened as a treaty port. Later it became the British Concession. It was the earliest shopping street in Shanghai. After the People’s Republic of China was founded it was expanded and renovated and became the China’s First Commercial Street. There were a lot of large traditional department stores were built there. But now it is a very modern shopping street. Numerous famous brand commodities from China and all over the world are sold there. There are also world-famous food vendors, coffee shops lining both sides of the street. It is really pleasant to stroll on Nanjing Road in the night. Flashing neon signs illuminate the magnificent buildings and spangle the night skyline that make you feel you are in the paradise of the world.
shanghai Nanjing road

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