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The West Zhou Dynasty (11th century BC –771BC)
After defeating the Shang, King Wu founded the Zhou Dynasty, making Haojing (near today’s Xian) as capital. Historians call this period Western Zhou Dynasty
Like the Shang kings, the Zhou kings worshipped their ancestors, but they also worshipped Heaven. The Zhou Kings were called "the Son of Heaven." They alleged they were mandated by heaven to rule the people.
In order to reassure and pacify the people of Shang and consolidate the new regime, the Western Zhou introduced a feudal system to distribute both land and the people on it to nobles, meritorious ministers and generals. Thus many vassal states were found. These vassal states had to comply with the orders issued by Zhou Kings, provide an army for the Zhou Kings, and pay tributes to Zhou Kings.
Zhou Etiquette was formed to stipulate the norms of etiquette in the social life. Epigraphy on bronze ware widely appeared to record the events in social life.
The Western Zhou made a further achievement in social economy. Slaves were popularly exploited in farming. Bronze industry was well developed to enhance the productivity. Market became flourished where silk, weapons, cattle as well as slaves were traded.
The Zhou kings maintained control over their vassals for more than two centuries. With the development of vassal states, the tie between them and Zhou Kings became loose. King You's neglect of duty finally led to the fall of the dynasty. In 771 BC when several of the vassal states rebelled, the army of the Quanrong ethnic group took its chance, captured Haojing and killed King You. The Western Zhou Dynasty collapsed.

The prehistory of China
The Xia Dynastry(21st-17th centuryBC)
The Shang Dynasty(17th-11th century BC)
The Zhou Dynasty(11th century BC-256BC)
The Spring Autumn(770-476BC) and Warring States Period(475- 221BC)
The Qin Dynasty(221-206BC)
The Western Han Dynasty(206BC-25AD)
The Eastern Han Dynasty(25AD-220AD)
The Sui Dynasty(589-618)
The Tang Dynasty(618-907)
The Five Dynasties(907-960)
The Northern Song Dynasty(960-1127)
The Liao Dynasty(907-1125), Western Xai Dynasty(1038-1227) and Jin Dynasty(1115-1234)
The Southern Dynasty(1127-1279)
The Yuan Dynasty(1206-1368)
The Ming Dynasty(1368-1644)
The Qing Dynasty(1616-1911)
Republic of China(1912-1949)
The People's Republic of China(1949-)




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