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To bring a nice camera or video camera is very necessary for your trip to China. Definitely you will take a lot of pictures in China. You need to declare your camera when you go through the customs. Popular digital cameras, video cameras, memory cards, films and batteries can be easily found in China. The prices of them are very reasonable compared with the price in most places in the world. In every city there are film processing services.
For taking photos you should notice as follows:
Do not take photos in sensitive areas such as military bases and airfields. For religious reasons and for relic protection, some museums, grottoes, temples, monasteries do not allow to take photos. There are 'No Photos' signs in restricted areas. In some tourist attractions you can wear the costumes, ride horse or camel to take pictures but you should make clear that how much they will charge you. Before taking pictures of Chinese people you should first ask for permission. When you watch the show you should follow their instructions for taking pictures because some theatres restrict photographing. Most Chinese people welcome to take pictures with foreigners.

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