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China's communication system is very advanced as western countries. Mobile phone, telephone, internet access and express mail service are available in most cities in China.
Mobile phone
China has the most mobile phone holders in the world compared to any country in the world. But only GSM and CDMA systems are available in China. The frequency of 900/1800Hmz are only used in China. If your mobile phone and the net you use can work in china it will be fine.
Otherwise you need buy a new mobile phone or a new SIM card in China. There are many brands of mobile phones available at reasonable price in China. It is very cheap to get a number (around 10USD). You can buy prepaid calling card before you use. It is easy to top up your mobile phone according to the instructions on the card. It is easy to call your home number. Just dial the access code 00 and then dial your country code, city code and the phone number. To use the mobile is very convenient and easy. The signal of the net is always good.
Telephone and Fax
It is very easy to make a call by fixed phone. You can see phone kiosks everywhere on the street or in the hotel. You can buy telephone card to make a call. It is easy to buy phone card (IP or IC card) in China. There are Fax services in most hotels and post offices.
The internet access nowadays is widely available in most cities or towns in China. There are a lot of internet bars in China. The service charge is very cheap. In most hotels the business center can offer you internet access service but the charge fee is not cheap. If you bring your laptop you can use the internet access in the hotel.
Postal Service and express mail service
Postal service now in China is not as busy as used to be but still available and important. It is easy for you to mail post cards (0.7USD per post card to Europe or North America). You can also use their express mail service. The postage is not so expensive. Besides EMS, FedEx, DHL, TNT, and UPS also have express mail service in big cities in China.
Some useful telephone numbers in China

Telephone number
Fire police
Time inquiry
Traffic police
Weather forecast
Local telephone number inquiry
Domestic long distance telephone number inquiry
Post code inquiry
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Tipping in China


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