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“TIPS” means to insure proper service. It was once not accepted in China. But now tipping becomes a common practice in China. It is a good manner for you to tip tour guides, drivers, porters, waiters or bellhops when you enjoy their good service. In China taping is not a must but will be greatly appreciated by Chinese. Since tipping is a personal matter, please do not feel uneasy about it. The amount of tip depends on how you rate the service but you are not under any obligation to do so.
In some restaurants your bill has covered the 5% - 15% service charge. For taxis, they have meters so it is not necessary for you to tip. But you can express your appreciation of service from them by some small gifts.
Although tipping is not required, gratuities may improve service. For the bellboys or waiters, 1 - 5 US dollars may be appropriate as the tip. If you are uncertain about how much to give, just to tip based on your bill. Generally, 10% - 15% of the bill is the most proper amount. If you are in a group to tip your tour guide and the driver, 5- 10 US dollars a day per person is adequate. But when you have a private tour to tip the guide and driver more is better. Remember your guide and driver will never extort tips from you even you don’t tip them.

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